Instagram Becomes a part of Facebook, ends to rivalry

April 11, 2012 // Facebook

Instagram has been acquired by Facebook for a whopping sum of $1 billion dollars to help Facebook deliver good and high quality photo sharing experience with its users. Instagram, last year January has only 1 million users but the company rose from there to 15 million users at the end of that year (December), which gives other social networks signs of rivalry, especially Facebook.

Instagram Becomes a part of Facebook, ends to rivalry

Facebook users on mobile have been finding it difficult to cope with the type of the experience they  have been getting while using Facebook mobile app to share photos on their mobile devices. On Facebook app, before people can share photos, the fellow has to go through six screens while on Instagram, the process is just one. So, users find it very easy to use Instagram to share photos on their mobile phones with family and friends better than while on Facebook. And that has caused majority of Facebook users to shifting to Instagram because the platform offers them what they really wants.

According to a report from Facebook recently, Mark Zuckerberg said he’s very happy about Instagram team joining Facebook, saying:

I’m very much pleased in announcing to you that we have finally agreed to acquire Instagram. And their group of highly intelligent developers and programmers will be joining Facebook soon.

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As you all know, for many years, we have been working hard on building a better Facebook user experience for our users in the area of sharing photos through their mobile phones to friends and families.  And from now on, we’ll be working together with the Instagram team to provide our user the best mobile phone sharing experience we’ve been dreaming of. And we’ll deliver these contents to them according to their interests.

He did not stop there, Zuck said that he believes that Facebook can provide the best the users at Instagram have been enjoying without stress, because the team at Facebook already knows that the Instagram app connects with other social networks (even beyond Facebook), and that will give them better understanding of delivering the best user experience to their users.
He then further said the same feature they are enjoying on Instagram will still be enabled even after the switchover of the service to Facebook. Features like the ability to choose whether they want to share their photos to Facebook or not is there, and also, the ability to disable sharing to other social networks or if they want to share with other social media is also available for them to choose from.

We have a plan on ground to keep most of these popular features intact for you to enjoy, which means, you will never miss an experience of Instagram at all.

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What do you think about this development? Do you think selling Instagram to Facebook is the right thing as at this moment when the company is having its best time or do you think selling the company is the best decision? Please add your comments below and we shall engage each other in talks.


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