Best iPhone apps to keep your credit cards and bank information secured

April 10, 2012 // Applications, iPhone

Talking about professional life; technologies have increased contacts of people throughout the world and made communication easy. People today work on internet. They have their accounts on internet containing all the important information about their work. Which when leaked can cause a great damage to their success. These all private information are secured by passwords but again a problem arises here that how to memorize permanently those difficult passwords.

Best iPhone apps to keep your credit cards and bank information secured

Apple’s iPhone’s have created an amazing and astonishing way to move with all your important information’s without memorizing it. The apps on iPhone provide you the facility of securing all your information. You only need to remember one password and your work is over.

You can activate your password lock function. By this function no unauthorized person can access your iPhone. If a person tries to access you iPhone with wrong password after his tenth trial you iOS system will delete all the information. You can get back those deleted information from the backup of your iPhone.

You can restrict people to access certain apps or folders by restriction option. Some of the apps of iPhone to save your documents are –

  • My Wallet

My wallet is a credit card and password manager. It costs you about $9.99. This is a security app which all you to store all your personal information’s such as your bank account number, passwords for frequent websites, visiting card numbers , credit card number, driving license number, passport number, insurance policies, your travel club information’s, your club information’s etc .This app works in both the tools iPhone as well as ipad. A password is implemented on the data. The data is stored in an encrypted format.

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  • Password ABC

It is another app for saving your password in iPhone. It costs you about $9.99.There is one function in this app which allows you to access a website which you frequently by just one click. Here you don’t have to give your password or user name. Password ABC also have a function which creates database templates for bank account details, for credit card accounts, driver’s license data, other important data. This app allows you to enter text based documents. A separate database is created for every entry. This app provides you a facility where you have a password to access to all your other documents. In case you forget your passwords then you have to go to the site of password ABC and get your documents back.

  • SaveItSafe

It is another tool for saving your consequential documents on you iPhones. It will cost you about $2.29. This app gives you the facility of storing notes as well as digital photographs. Like other app this app also for security has a master password. In case you forget the password you would have to go to site of saveitsave and get it unlocked.

  • EWallet

This is one of the third party apps for storing some sensitive information. It will cost you about $9.99. This app includes user interface function. It also displays virtual credit card on screen. This site creates one central data base and stores all other entries in it. According to your convenience you can create different database for different entries. This app also gives you a desktop version for window PCs.

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  • The Safe

This app is also one of the data securing app it costs you about $1.99. This app can store the information in database format. The information stored here are password protected. This app makes the categorizing of entries possible. It allows one more feature in which you can move digital images.


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