How To Find Out Invisible Friends On Facebook Who Are Online

December 9, 2011 // Chat, Facebook


Most of the internet users uses Facebook and Google+ and other social networks and uses the chat option to friends,many of them facing a difficulty that some of them wants to get invisible friends on Facebook.In Google + there are many option in setting your status in chat option like Online,Busy,Invisible,Offline,Away,etc.But it is not a simple to show your status to invisible.

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Why Friends Prefer To Set Status As Invisible

Invisible in chat means he is in Online but status is set to shown as Offline.So we are going to reveal him that he is offline but he is in online.When anyone want to spent more time in chat and but he don’t want to reveal it to anyone, he can prefer to set his status as offline by using invisible option.

How To Show Your Status As Invisible In Facebook

Follow the steps given below to set your status as invisible.

1-Log in to your Facebook account

2-Click on Friends Tab

3-Create friend list and add your friends those who want to see you as visible

4-Give a name to that list like Show Online or anything else

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5-Click on the star button in chat box as shown below


6-Click on Limit Availability.

7-Select your list name and click on Only Make Me Available To: as shown below

invisible8-Click On OK.

You will be only visible to that list you have selected.

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How To View Invisible Friends On Chat

Now we are going to share a simple,but very useful trick to get visible the invisible friends on your chat in Facebook.Follow the steps given below to get shown the invisible friends.

1-Log in to your Facebook Account.

2-Go to Online Now Facebook Application

3-It asks for Request For Permission

4-Click on Allow

invisible5-Now you will get shown all the friends who are online and set their status as invisible.

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You can view the differences between the online friends in Facebook Chat Box and Online Now Chat Box from below in my account.There are only 159 friends online in normal chat box but 167 online in Online Now Chat box so there are 8 invisible friends in chat.


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I am sure this trick is very useful and many of the Facebook users are searching for this trick.Now you can chat with your friends who are set their status as invisible.

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  1. Ahmer says: February 7, 2012

    Where can I find the (online now) and the (application)?

    • Abdu Rahiman says: February 7, 2012

      Read article carefully.there has apps link.

      • Ahmer says: February 8, 2012

        Can you Help me by send that article to my e-mail that I can’t preview it

        Thanks for helping

    • jim says: March 8, 2012

      this link and allowing really confirms whether the friend(s) are really online but invisible to me?


  2. Ahmer says: February 8, 2012

    I ‘m so sorry I can’t preview this article,

    Can you help me by send it to my email

    I appreciate for your help

  3. Faith says: June 16, 2012

    The Online Now app does NOT work. I tested it with a friend who went invisible on purpose so we could see if it worked. It did not come up with her name. We tried to get it to work for more than an hour, and it’s crap.

  4. טכנאי מחשבים says: June 18, 2012

    good article if you can do it on movie the explnation

  5. moudaa says: January 30, 2013

    There is a better app for this “Sneak Online”. You can be completely invisible.
    Get offline on facebook chat, access the link and see for yourself.

  6. vibhor says: June 12, 2013

    this app of yours is fake i have got password of my friend and had myself blocked from him and this app doesnt show me as online

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